An Amazing Blown-glass Steam Engine!

Czech glass artist Michal Zahradnik designed this all-glass steam engine, which he claims is fully operational and can run at 500rpm. Some of his other creations include a model plane and Harley-style motorcycle.  Pretty cool!

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2 thoughts on “An Amazing Blown-glass Steam Engine!

  1. Kay Voigtman

    Hi Annette,
    Several months ago you and I talked about your making two pendant lights for our kitchen, using the Italian bubbly glass (greenish tint). You wrote down specifications.
    I’m the little old lady with white hair from Saline:)
    Any chance you’ve been able to work on those?
    Please contact me at 734-476-9484 or by email.
    Thank you….my fingers are crossed they are available.
    Kay Voigtman


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