Baron Glassworks offers classes for people of all skill levels, including eight-week sessions, four-week introductions through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed, to one-day classes and corporate outings.  Gift certificates are available and can be used to purchase art or classes.  For more information or to sign up, contact us.  We welcome artists of all ages and abilities.  If under 18, we request an interview with the prospective student and parent or legal guardian.

Eight-Week Sessions
Instructors Annette Baron, Jim Fry and David Salins
All Levels $670 Materials included, contact us for availability. Each class is 3 hours long.
Novice Using a steel pipe, you will learn how to draw molten glass from a furnace, create a hollow form by blowing air into the mass and manipulate the resulting bubble with heat, gravity and simple hand tools.
Intermediate & Advanced Each level builds upon previously learned skills.  Form and coloration techniques will be demonstrated or described.  Your instructor will work with you to realize your designs.

Since class sizes at Baron Glassworks are limited to four people, you will advance at your own pace.  Small class size allows for maximum “bench time” and individual attention from instructors.

Four-Week Sessions
Instructors Annette Baron, Jim Fry and David Salins
Intro to Furnace Glass Blowing $299 Times & Availability
Get a real taste of what it’s like to study furnace glass working in this introductory class designed exclusively for Rec & Ed participants. Each student will have time to work with an instructor one-on-one. Using a steel pipe, you learn to draw molten glass from a furnace, add color and manipulate the shape to form beautiful paperweights, drawer pulls, bottle stoppers and small vessels. You can expect to make 2 to 8 pieces per week depending on complexity.
Fused and Slumped Glass for Beginners $189 Times & Availability
Using your choice of an extensive color palette at Baron Glassworks, you will fuse pieces of colored glass in a firing. You will then take the fused glass and slump it into a mold. Your instructor will teach you how to melt wine bottles to make a cheese tray. You will make up to four original pieces, such as a hanging tile, bowl, platter, or other idea that sparks your interest. New techniques will be introduced each week, and topics for discussion will include glass compatibility and testing, types of firing, annealing and cold working techniques. A variety of coloration techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will receive information about manual and pre-programmed kilns, firing schedules, texts and suppliers. Safety glasses are required. Material fee of $20 is payable to instructor at first class.
One-Day Classes
Three-hour PRIVATE SESSION $300 Contact us to get a real taste of what it takes to study Furnace Glass Blowing.  Make three to five pieces working one-on-one with an instructor from Baron Glassworks.  A portion of this fee may be applied to an eight-week class.
Make & Take $50/$75 per person Work one-on-one with an instructor from Baron Glassworks.  Price depends on complexity: a paperweight or ornament is $50, drinking glasses, vases, bowls are $75. This is a perfect way to try glass blowing and walk away with a very “giftworthy” piece of glass.  Try with a friend! Contact us to find a time that works for you!

Parties & Corporate Outings

Contact us to plan and schedule your event!

Our corporate package includes:

  • Participation for 12 employees.
    Contact us to discuss larger or smaller groups.
  • Four hours of private studio time.
    (1pm-5pm on the Friday of your outing)
  • One-on-one instruction for each employee with an experienced instructor in a safe environment.
  • Each employee will create and complete at least two pieces of art.
  • Light refreshments are also available.

Our promise to you and your employees is an unparalleled experience which will promote creative exploration.

We’ve seen firsthand the response that employees have when in this environment.  They realize possibility, by taking risks with a media which requires immediacy.  They discover the power of creativity.  They get to know their co-workers, in ways they would not have opportunity to in the work environment.

Benefits to you… refreshed employees who know each other on a different level, whose confidence has been built.  Employees who know they can accomplish great things together.  And a team of people who know you, their employer, believes in investing in them!  Everyone wins!


Baron Glassworks captures the spirit of what glassmaking is all about—fire, light, skill artistry and passion.   Annette Baron will give you and your teammates the faith to roll a ball of molten glass in the palm of your hand… an awesome experience!  This activity brings group members together in a way that gets everyone excited about what everyone else is doing—and provides every attendee with a unique momento of what they have created from idea to finished article—a true test of ownership!”—Richard Hulme, Guardian Industries Corp.

Ann Arbor Rec&Ed is very fortunate to offer classes at Baron Glassworks.  Word has been spreading how wonderful her classes are, and because of the popularity of the class, we have students waitlisted hoping to get in.  Annette’s studio is professional and she is an amazing artist and instructor.”—Lisa Wigal, Art Programmer for Ann Arbor Rec&Ed