Fall 2014 Classes via Ann Arbor Rec & Ed

We’re still blowing hot glass at the studio!

If you’d like to dive into some classes via Ann Arbor Rec & Ed, we have a great introductory class offered twice in November! You can click on links below to register.

Furnace Glass: Anything Goes! ($79)

Status Class ID Date Day Time
FULL 2138.505 11/15 Saturday 9a – 12 noon
OPEN! 2138.506 11/22 Saturday 9a – 12 noon


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2014 KREFT JURIED EXHIBITION – Deadline Extended to January 31st!

The organizers of the Kreft Juried Exhibition are soliciting applications from glass artists.

For more information, please contact:

Beth J. Steinkellner
Professor of Art
Drawing, Painting & Printmaking
Concordia University Ann Arbor

Full information can be found on the linked PDF. KREFT_JURIED_2014

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Spring 2014 Glassblowing Classes

We’ve got new Baron Glassworks Studio Sessions available starting this spring!

For the curious novice who’s been looking for a great one-day introduction to glass, we offer the following one-day classes through Ann Arbor RecEd.

Our mission is to create a diverse environment where people from all walks of life can satisfy their curiosity and creativity using glass as the primary medium. Among the people who are served at this studio:

  • The curious novice
  • Established artists exploring new media
  • Aspiring artists and artisans in need of incubation
  • Art Collectors seeking a deeper understanding of the workings of glass
  • The Renaissance man or woman who recognizes a good opportunity when he or she sees one!
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Interested in Blowing Glass?

classAre you interested in blowing glass, but concerned about investing in regular 8-week studio classes? Come and get a taste of what it’s like by enrolling in one or more of our Ann Arbor Rec & Ed classes!

Starting in April, we have several different options to choose from! The links below will take you directly to the registration info for that specific class. You can read more about the class at the link itself.

Please note you must contact Ann Arbor Rec&Ed to register for these classes! More info can be found on their site.

Class Date Fee Date Time
Paperweights & Solid Forms 4/27 $79 Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Paperweights & Solid Forms 5/18 $79 Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Paperweights & Solid Forms 6/1 $79 Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Blown Forms 5/4 $79 Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Blown Forms 5/11 $79 Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Blown Forms 6/8 $79 Saturday 2pm – 5pm
Jewelry Sampler 4/21 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm
Jewelry Sampler 5/5 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm
Jewelry Sampler 5/19 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm
Fused Glass 4/28 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm
Fused Glass 5/12 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm
Fused & Slumped Glass 6/2 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm
Fused & Slumped Glass 6/9 $79 Sunday 2pm – 5pm

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